Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sexy Succulents

Succulent plants used in wedding arrangements will continue to be a hot trend in the coming year. Here is some beautiful inspiration to get you started. Be sure to talk to a local florist about the best way to use succulents in your wedding.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pretty Peonies!!

Peonies are a flower with a large bloom that are available (depending on your area) from late May to early July. They are a very popular for weddings and they hold up well if cared for properly. Peonies come in several varieties and colors. If you are planning a wedding or event not in peony season they can be quite expensive but if you contact a knowledgeable florist well in advance they may be able to store cut peonies for a few months so you will have them for your event. Peonies are perfect as a stand alone flower in bouquets but they also make a beautiful addition to a mix bouqet. If you have questions about using peonies in your wedding, contact your local florist.